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About Stellar Media

Who We Are...

Stellar Media Photography was established in 2023 by husband and wife team Matt & Nicole Groom. Matt & Nicole have long envisioned creating a space where creativity, design & quality collide by providing excellent product & client relationships. 

Nicole has spent the last 7 years as a photographer & market leader for a successful real estate photography company. Being brought in from the beginning, she has been able to learn valuable on & off the job experience in every area from shooting, growing, training & managing across markets & team members. She prides herself in maintaining consistency, quality & customer service with every project. Her vision to create a space where photographers can flourish, be creative, and deliver top quality services is fundamental to Stellar Media. 

Matt joined Nicole nearly 5 years ago as a licensed drone pilot. Over his years working alongside his wife Nicole, he has mastered his skills both on and off the job site. With each drone & interior video, Matt personalizes every aspect from his shots to his song choices making every video stand out. He has been editing his own videos from the start and has a keen eye for quality, superior shots, and a vision to make any project come alive. Always staying on the cutting edge, Matt uses the latest technologies & tricks to ensure our quality is of the utmost caliber. 

Stellar Media Photography strives to provide excellent service & quality in all we do. We are always looking to learn & improve our skills & techniques so we can continue to provide the best product possible. Customer satisfaction & building lasting relationships is equally important. We strive not just to provide a great product for you, but to also harbor strong working relationships with each and every client. 
Also joining our team at Stellar Media is Patrick Thomsen. Patrick, with nearly 6 years of photography experience, has spent the last 3 years working as a real estate photographer under Nicole servicing the Tampa area. Patrick's work ethic, drive to deliver the best quality, and excellent communication are just some of the areas that made him stand out amongst the rest. Patrick will continue to service the Tampa area for all it's real estate needs as a valuable addition to our team.
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